Welcome to Best of Both Worlds Tarot. If you are in need of guidance or advice you have been led to the right place. My readings provide clear and honest messages from Spirit to help you on your life’s journey. Have a look at my testimonials and if you feel that I could help you please reach out to me through the contact page.


Hello I’m Tracy and I’m blessed to live in the beautiful county of Gwynedd in Wales. I came to Tarot many years ago when I was at a very difficult period in my life. I was struggling to understand the changes that were happening in my life and felt very confused, stuck and unable to find the energy to make decisions and move forward. I booked my first tarot reading, a little apprehensive to be honest, but it was so helpful. The reader was lovely and explained the ‘bigger picture’ view of things and the energies available to me to be able to take charge of my life. I left feeling elated, relieved and positive and with a completely different view of things.

I’ve returned to Tarot many times since, and always find the wisdom and support I receive through it from Spirit to be wonderfully life affirming. It would be my pleasure to help you in the same way to find clarity and peace through the ups and downs of life.


I offer both face to face tarot readings (if you are local to my area) and readings over video call. I do not require any personal information from you at all. The initial reading will highlight the areas in your life that Spirit wish to communicate with you about and offer guidance on.

The reading itself takes around 20 – 30 minutes but I always allow an hour with the client as there is often lots that the client wishes to discuss afterwards.



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